Cows in Pasture at Chase's Organic Dairy Farm in Mapleton, Maine

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MOOMilk Cows! from Laura Chase on Vimeo.
Cows LOVE to go to a new pasture!

Welcome to Chase's Organic Dairy Farm! We are a family owned and operated organic dairy farm located on the Creasey Ridge Road in Mapleton, Maine.  We have about 100 cows in our herd, mostly Red & White Holsteins with a few Jerseys and Black & White Holsteins mixed in.  We milk about 60 cows, on average. 

Our farm was started by Lewis Frazier Chase in 1935 and has been carried on by his two sons, first Donald and then Vaughn.   The entire family is involved in caring for the land and the cattle. 

We are very happy to join Organic Valley's family of farms!  We started shipping milk to them on July 21, 2014.  We're excited about their expansion into Aroostook County and appreciate the opportunity to work with them to help grow organic farming in "The County."  We are very thankful to 27 other Organic Valley farmers in Maine who are contributing .25 per hundredweight of milk shipped for a year to help support the hauling cost of the new route.  For more information on Organic Valley's Aroostook Initiative, check out this news article by the Bangor Daily News.  To help support our farm and other Organic Valley farms, please buy Organic Valley products whenever you shop.  Find products near you with their store locator!  

Chase's Organic Dairy is one of 10 farms who started Maine's Own Organic Milk Company in 2009 after being dropped by H.P. Hood.  We are proud to help tell the story of MOOMilk in a documentary from Pull-Start Pictures called Betting the Farm.  Although we are sad that MOOMilk stopped processing milk in May, we are glad the company existed and helped keep the farms going for 5 years, until a time when other organic milk companies were interested in purchasing the milk.

July Haying at Chase's Organic Dairy

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